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Chief town of Canton, Lezoux is located east of Auvergne, on the edge of the vast plain of Limagne, halfway between Clermont-Ferrand and Thiers.

City of history, Lezoux contains many cultural and natural. It was once a fortified city. The tower and the chapel Saint-Georges (twelfth century), ruins of the fortress of Lezoux still attest to that time. Just as the Convent of St. Augustine (fifteenth century), the current city hall and the bell tower, whose tones have long marked the life of this county. Lezoux is best known for having been, for nearly 2000 years, a major center for manufacturing and export of pottery: the Gallo-Roman times, more than 1,200 potters produced ceramics inspired techniques italics. The "sig", tableware bright red polish, is their most notable production.

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