23 Reasons Why You Should NEVER VISIT Turkey 715 people has viewed today

Turkey– yes, it’s the country we’re referring to here, not the bird! And the question is, do you really think it’s worth spending your bank balance for some baklava and international plane tickets?

Lets find out!

1. Well, first of all, who would want to wake up to this sight?

Sultan Ahmed Mosque at Turkey in the morning

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2. Don’t fall prey to the travellers who call the place pretty. They’ve no taste!

Hot air balloons in Cappadocia

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Hot air balloons in Cappadocia!

3. Sightseeing? I call it just another excruciatingly boring task to visit mosques and old buildings! Bleh!

The interiors of Sultanahmet Mosque in Istanbul

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Sultanahmet Mosque, Istanbul

4. Get ready for history lesson 101! Can’t imagine going through that!

The library at Ephesus in Turkey

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Two thousand years old Ephesus

5. Transcontinental city- Big Deal!

The Bosphorous bridge in Istanbul

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Big deal indeed, the Bosphorous bridge in Istanbul literally bridges Europe and Asia.

6. There are hot springs everywhere in the world, what’s so great about the Pamukkale?

The hot water springs Pamukkale

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7. I mean seriously, who’d spend their money to stay in caves?

Uchisar Kalesi

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Uchisar Kalesi

8. And the very idea of Persian poetry and Whirling Dervishes will put you to sleep!

Mevlâna Museum, Konya

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Mevlâna Museum, Konya- The is the mausoleum of Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi

9. It’s a conservative country that’s stuck with it’s primitive ideas. You’ll have to be careful with every step you take!

Cigarettes and kiss in Turkey


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10. Get ready to sport a burka or head scarf at all times while you’re in Turkey!

Burka and no burka in Turkey

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Turkey has a secularist system. However, keeping in regard all views it now entirely depends on personal choices.

11. Nope, no skin show even at the beach!

Beachwear in Turkey

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12. It’s all about camel rides and apple teas!

Apple tea and camel in Turkey

Two biggest Turkish HOAX that tourists love to believe!

13. Parties are obviously out of the question in such a conservative environment!

belly dancers partying in Turkey

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14. So, say goodbye to nightlife!

Nightlife of Turkey

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15. Shopping at the Grand Bazaar is only the most tedious thing ever!

Grand Bazaar in Istanbul

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16. If you’re thinking of making a few Turkish friends, forget it!

Making friends in Turkey

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17. They’re cold and inhospitable. Remember Midnight Express!

Hospitality of Turkish people

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18. There’s nothing else other than walking through the ancient ruins and gazing at the ornate churches. Pretty boring isn’t it?

Skiing in Turkey

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19. Adventure activities- Zilch!

adventure activities in Turkey

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20. Talk about food and they’ll stuff you with Şiş Kebap! There’s nothing else.

Turkish breakfast

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21. And they have THIS in the name of dessert! Who would want to put that into their mouth?

Turkish Desserts

Stop drooling!

22. They say Turkish coffee is an acquired taste. Well, you’ll never want to acquire it, trust me!

Turkish coffee with Turkish delight

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23. Surely, there’s nothing that is reason enough for you to visit Turkey!

Amasra island in Turkey

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So, I think we’re able to convince you enough that Turkey is just not your cup of tea (or should I say coffee).

Good luck getting it out of your head now because you know, the spell of Turkey has already been cast upon you. Now you won’t be able to relax till you’ve visited this slice of utopia!

So, what are you waiting for? Vamoose!


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