Shopping in Jordan

Jordan is known for its traditional handicrafts, which make for great souvenirs. Here are some popular shopping destinations in Jordan:
    Souk Jara - Located in Amman, Souk Jara is a seasonal market that takes place every Friday during the summer months. The market features local handicrafts, street food, and live music.
    Al Husn Handicrafts Village - Al Husn is a small village located near Petra, known for its traditional handicrafts. Visit local artisans to see them at work and purchase handmade pottery, textiles, and jewelry.
    Rainbow Street - Rainbow Street is a popular shopping and dining destination in Amman. Browse local shops selling everything from clothing to home goods, and enjoy a meal at one of the many cafes and restaurants.
    Jordan River Foundation Showroom - The Jordan River Foundation is a non-profit organization that works to support local communities. Visit their showroom in Amman to purchase handicrafts made by local women, including embroidered textiles and handmade soap.
    Petra Crafts Center - Located in the town of Wadi Musa, the Petra Crafts Center offers a wide range of traditional handicrafts, including pottery, textiles, and jewelry.
    Madaba Mosaics - Madaba is a small town known for its ancient mosaics. Visit local shops to purchase replicas of these historic works of art.
These are just a few examples of the many shopping destinations in Jordan. Whether you're looking for traditional handicrafts, souvenirs, or unique gifts, you're sure to find something special in this beautiful country.

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