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Belmond Hotel Monasterio

The Tsitouras Collection

Fantasy Lodge - Samboan, Cebu

Tarangire Treetops - Tarangire

Rambagh Palace - Jaipur

Premier Luxury Mountain Resort

La Réserve de Beaulieu & Spa

Kalamitsa Beach View

Discover Unseen Places With Us!

We've discovered some fantastic accommodation options this month to elevate your holiday experience. Our handpicked hotels offer a unique atmosphere, promising a dreamlike stay. From sunny beachside towns to historic city centers, we provide a wide range of choices for those looking to savor the sea, sand, and sun. Each hotel is designed with the aim of offering guests luxury, comfort, and tranquility. Consider reserving your spot at these special locations to make your vacation truly unforgettable.

Recently Added Hotels

Every month, we send our team to discover the best new hotels and holiday homes across the world, but only 5 out of every 100 make the cut.

Crescent Hotel, Dalyan Mugla


Ramitos Hotel Turunç

Closed right now
Active between 01 May and 01 Oct

Tamarisk Beach Hotel

Madanlar Mansion, Mudurnu

Amber Suites, Akyaka

Adatepe Perlacia Suites

Arcadia Hotel

Kara Kedi Beach Bungalow

Çandır Resort

Editor's Choice

The editors of The Small Hotels of the World know well how the hotels they select can elevate your everyday life with memories that bring a smile to your face. Here are some of them...
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Per Aquum Desert Palm - Dubai

Casa Tomaren - Lanzarote İsland

Patmos Paradise Hotel

Andara Resort Villas

Premier Luxury Mountain Resort

Closed right now
Active between 01 May and 30 Sep

Archipelagos Resort Hotel 5* - Paros

Su Hotel Bodrum

Villa Spaletti Trivelli