Boutique Hotels in Corfu

Corfu is a beautiful island with an idyllic mountainous skyline and over 200km of coastline with sparkling blue sea. Corfu is known as Greece’s ‘Emerald Island’ due to its curtain of beautiful wild flowers, bushes and shrubs.

Corfu town (also known as Kerkyra Town) is maze of quaint streets and alleys filled with coffee shops and genuine leather stores with gorgeous handbags, shoes and belts, all made by the local shopkeepers. The Old Fortress is the most famous castle in Corfu and has a rich history. It was built to protect the island from invasions, today it is visited by thousands ever year and it is also a popular venue for summer concerts.

What to do

Surprisingly Corfu is home to a Museum of Asian Art. The museum has been dedicated to Far Eastern and Indian art and antiques since 1927 and has around 10,500 objects on show.

Visit the famous Vlacherna monastery, a post-card perfect view and the most well known image which comes to mind when people think of Corfu. The white building sits perfectly amongst the blue sea and sky. It’s open to the public all year round and the perfect place to visit for peace and tranquility.

The food and drink

Immerse yourself in the Greek foodie scene and feast on olives, Dolmades, feta and cheeses, honey, baklava, grilled meat and fresh sea food including octopus as well as some of the freshest fruit you will ever come across.

Greek cheese pies (Tiropitakia) are game changers. This greek feta wrapped in puff pastry beauty is the best thing you will ever try and you cannot visit Corfu without trying it.

The beaches

You can’t visit Greece without a visit to the beach and of course there are plenty of stunning beaches on the island. The Ionian Islands of Greece are known for their beautiful beaches, my hotel, MarBella Corfu, had its own beach for guests to use.

Paleokastritsa is the most famous beach on island as it is the most picturesque (or Instagrammable). It has six pebbly and six sandy beaches where you can bask in the sun amongst the beautiful scenery.

The wildlife

If you are lucky you may even get to see local wildlife during your stay. Flamingos have been spotted at the Lefkimi salt pans on Corfu island and a boat trip may lead you to spot dolphins!

Swallows are seen almost everywhere and even more so if you venture up just a few minutes up the mountains

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