The latest gem, quite possibly the crown jewel, in the Onsea House collection.

On the Kilimanjaro Golf and Wildlife Estate, where majestic Mount Kilimanjaro overlooks more than 1,000 acres of African bush, the team behind Onsea House and Machweo Wellness Retreat & Fine Dining were inspired to aim for new heights in refinement.

Siringit is the Masai word for ‘endless plains’ or ‘the place where the land runs forever’. The vast grassland plains, acacia-studded savannas, wooded hills and mountains that fill everyone with awe and make for everlasting impressions. It is exactly that feeling we aim to give in our new retreat, an overwhelming experience and an almost surreal serenity.

Siringit Kilimanjaro Golf and Safari Retreat is a luxury 6 bedroom villa for exclusive use.

The spacious and elegant property, overlooking the green, is meant to give friends or families that unique experience that can only be rivaled by the most secluded and high end tented camps.

The six generous and exquisitely decorated rooms with state-of-the-art bathrooms are our guest’s sanctuary inside the retreat.

And the rest of the villa is true to form. Whether it’d be in the gorgeous living room, the private dining room, the lush gardens, the relaxing terraces or the invigorating lap pool.

Our distinguished guests will also be able to savour the widely applauded cuisine of Chef Axel. Together with Chef Kristof he will offer a wholesome gastronomic experience with even more emphasis on seasonality and fresh, local produce.

To make this experience complete, a small and discrete team will tend to every wish of our guests. In our other properties most of our staff members are young women and men with underprivileged backgrounds we’ve trained into the skilled professionals they are today. The most accomplished of them will be responsible  for the daily staffing at Siringit. Under the expert and constant guidance of Axel, Griet and Kristof they will guarantee a flawless stay for our guests.

Sitting at the gates of many world-famous safari destinations, our guests can discover a plethora of wildlife during a bush walk, bike or horse riding trip.

And the avid golfers can enjoy an 18-hole championship golf course with amazing greens, surrounded by spectacular views. Step outside of your villa, meet up with your personal caddy and tee off to start an unforgettable experience.

Whether it is before or after a safari or a challenging climb, with Siringit we hope to provide our guests with the level of class some say only top accommodation in the Serengeti can achieve. The feeling of being surrounded by humbling, mesmerising nature, immersed in one of its kind luxury and service.

Being able to enjoy all of this in the comfort of your private and sumptuous home, might just put us in a class of our own.

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