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    Just 150 metres from Agia Foteini Beach, Yolanda Studios .....
    What kind of place? : Small apart style hotel in Chios
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  • Volissos Holiday Homes - Chios


    Volissos Holiday Homes - Chios Promotion and Activities

    Weekly Sailing Courses 

    Daily Sailing Cruises to nearby islands


    Horse riding

    Excursions to local wine factories & local monuments






    Europe / Greece / Chios
    Hotel is open
    Volissos Holiday Homes is a newly built "3 star" Boutique.....
    What kind of place? : Small hotel in Chios Greece
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  • Hotel Ianthe - Chios


    Hotel Ianthe - Chios Promotion and Activities

     ACTIVITIES - Area

    1. Process of production of local agricultural products.

    1.1. MASTIC.
    The only place in the world that produced
    Mastic is the area of Mastihohoria
    Season.......July t - August

    2.2. LOCAL SWEET WINE Wine ¨ Ariousios the most
    expensive and famous wine of antiquity.
    Season ....... September-October

    3.3. SOUMA .... ... local liquor made from figs.
    Season ....... November-December

    Season ....... November-December

    2. Procedure local production of ceramic products.

    In Chios from antiquity were developed the pottery, fine examples of which today
    are the neighboring medieval village ARMOLIA
    (5 km from Vessa).


    3. Walk.

    One can walk through the new area of the old traditional paths, and discover the
    rare flora of the island, the unique TULIPS
    March month, herbs and over 70 species
    ORCHIDEAS, a magnificent background in the dozens of unique
    Chapels region.
    Inside the old medieval trail, one can
    visit the Byzantine castle of Apolichnon, where
    Genoese had established the administrative mansion
    southern Mastichochorion.

    4. Tours.

    The Medieval town of VESSAS is an outdoor living museum, like other Mastihohoria Olympia - Mesta - Towers - wattle.
    Worth the visitor to walk through the narrow streets of the village and admire the architecture of the houses, which has remained intact. Also worth visiting the church of Agios Dimitrios and admire the carved image, like the Church of the Assumption, with its beautiful bell tower. Vessa is a small village but exemplifies medieval village in southern Chios. It has been very well maintained over the years, especially the castle corner towers and sections of the fortified wall.
    Vessa located in the center of the medieval village,
    Mastic of Chios, can be the base of xena-
    giseon the archaeological sites of the island, such as ANAVATOS and the Monastery AGIA MONI of Chios, monument protected by UNNESCO, great historical, religious and artistic interested character, on excellent mosaics of the 12th century.

    The climate is characterized by hot summers and
    mild winters, and is ideal for visiting all year.
    The CHRISTOPHER KOLOMVOS had visited Chios before Journey to America.

    Vessa is the birthplace of the Ecumenical Patriarch
    Constantine (Constantine Valiadis) 1987-1901.
    Just a short distance from Vessa one encounters small coves meticulous and special beaches such as Tigani - Agia Irini DYDYMA west, and KOMI - EMPORIOS - BLACK bullets in the south.




    Europe / Greece / Chios
    Hotel is open
    Hotel Ianthe is located in the north-west part of the village.....
    What kind of place? : Small hotel in Chios Island in Greece
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  • Archangel - Vessa, Chios


    Archangel - Vessa, Chios Promotion and Activities

    Vessa is a hilly village on the island of Chios and belongs to the Municipality of the Mastic villages. It is situated 19kms southwest of Chios town (distance by road) in a valley which probably explains the name “Vessa” which, according to the poet Homer, means valley, and it is at an altitude of 180 metres. It is a picturesque village with narrow alleyways and traditional architecture. It is an old, medieval settlement, a typical  fortress or “castle-village” and forms part of the mastic villages. These villages were built between the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries by Genoese noblemen. Built in a row, the houses were joined by stone arches and formed the walls of the village. These :castle-villages” have very few entrances and a lot of churches. The Saint Dimitris Cathedral is particularly worth visiting.. The main occupation of the locals is the cultivation of mastic and olives. In the summer, the village comes to life and is full of both locals and visitors who can enjoy a meal or a drink in the village square at one of the two typical Greek cafes where the locals gather. The central position of the village gives visitors the opportunity to move around the island easily and visit the most beautiful beaches in the west of the island in a very short time.

    Europe / Greece / Chios
    Hotel is open
    Vessa is a hilly village on the island of Chios and belongs to the Municipality of the Mastic villages....
    What kind of place? : Small hotel in Vessa, Chios Greece
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