An Island, small in size, conducive to seclusion, calm and exclusivity. An Island privileged in its relationship with nature. Proximity, perfumes and delicacies.
An Island where one is refreshed and regenerated in a timeless setting, in order to discover one�s own tempo, no pressures, no constraints.
An Island with no news, no television and no telephone (except for your personal mobile phone). An Island with no dress code other than the pareo, and bare feet, in order to experience the regenerating contact with the sand, even at the bar...
An Island without any sound in the background other than that of the waves and the birds; an Island with colourful sunsets "spread against the sky".
An Island where one pampers oneself by resting, by relaxing, with sports, massages and a healthy diet made up mainly of sea food.
An Island with a small house, on your own, with simple amenities but cosy.
...... An Island, all your own, just for you.

Constance Lodge Tsarabanjina Basic Info

Opening Date : 1 January
Closing Date : 31 December
Number of Rooms : 21
Adress :

Tsarabanjina Island,Tsarabanjina Island, Madagascar

Direction The Constance Lodge Tsarabanjina is only accessible by air or boat travel from nearby Madagascar. The resort will be happy to arrange all transportation for you.

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