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Kapetan Tasos Suites - Milos

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Boutique Hotels in Milos

Navigate your way around Milos with these six villages to fully immerse yourself in everything this exquisite island has to offer.

Adamas is situated on the gulf of Milos and is the port where you embark and disembark from. It is the place to be because it is the main hub where activities begin and end, public transport included. If you are looking for a place to stay, this is the most convenient in terms of food, tour bookings and car rental. There are cafes and restaurants right along the gulf, as well as shops and markets, discos, and majority of other services.

Sarakiniko is one of the most photographed spots of the island. It is no wonder, for it is not common to see smooth limestone rocks that make up a beach. Those rocks have been eroded by time, wind and salt water, and have small and huge hollows all over them. Sarakiniko is not the most accessible beach. The walk to the beach is not difficult, but you do have to park your car high up near the road and then walk down a footpath to reach the sea.

Klima is among the most picturesque and traditional villages on Milos. Being such an iconic landmark in Milos, you would not miss this sight as boat tours will pass by this row of aesthetically-pleasing houses.

Narrow back streets, whitewashed courtyards and Cycladic-style balconies festooned with flowers are some of the characteristics of this village. Visit the Kastro, a little hilltop from the village’s center, from which you can get an unobstructed view of the northwest part of the island and witness unforgettable sunsets. Be sure to ask the locals where the path to the Kaestro is, as this path is inconspicuously hidden in one of the side alleys.

Composed of soft volcanic rock, Tripiti stands on a hill. Land and life is rather barren save for shrubbery. A peaceful little village where locals reside along the narrow streets, it is a 10 minute walk up the slope from Plaka. The village is ideal if you crave personal space and quiet time.

This fishing settlement has a beach with a rich seaside. Accompanying it are a couple of taverns, restaurants and island cafes around the village. Small boats, sea-taxis and ferry-boats transfer you from Pollonia to the neighboring island of Kimolo within 30 minutes.