Hotel Prices in Chios

The cost of hotels in Chios, Greece can vary depending on the location, season, and type of accommodation. Generally, the prices for a standard double room per night can range from €40 to €150, while more luxurious hotels or resorts can cost over €200 per night.

During peak season, which is usually from June to August, prices tend to be higher, while prices may be lower during the off-season, from October to May. However, it's important to note that some hotels and resorts may close during the winter months.

The prices also vary depending on the location of the hotel. Accommodations in popular tourist areas such as Chios Town, Karfas Beach, and Mesta Village tend to be more expensive than hotels in quieter areas.

It's recommended to book your accommodation in advance, especially during peak season, to secure a good deal and avoid any last-minute price increases. Additionally, some hotels may offer discounts for longer stays or early bookings, so it's worth checking with the hotel directly or using a travel booking website to compare prices.
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