Hotel Prices in Courchevel

The cost of hotels in Courchevel can vary depending on the time of year and the level of luxury you are looking for. Generally speaking, Courchevel is known for its high-end accommodations and luxury chalets, so prices can be on the expensive side. Here are some approximate price ranges for hotels in Courchevel:

    Budget hotels: There are very few budget hotels in Courchevel, as the majority of accommodations are high-end. However, there are some options available for those on a tighter budget, with prices starting around €100-150 per night.

    Mid-range hotels: Mid-range hotels in Courchevel typically start around €200-300 per night, with some offering spa facilities and other amenities.

    Luxury hotels and chalets: Courchevel is known for its luxurious accommodations, with many five-star hotels and private chalets to choose from. Prices for these high-end options can range from €500-1000 per night, and can go up to several thousand euros per night for the most luxurious and exclusive options.

It's worth noting that prices can be higher during peak ski season, which runs from December to April. If you are looking to save money, it may be worth considering a trip in the off-season or shoulder season, when prices may be lower. Additionally, some hotels and chalets may offer discounts for longer stays or for booking in advance.

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