Hotel Prices in Geneva

The price of hotels in Geneva can vary depending on the season, location, and type of hotel. Generally, Geneva is known for its luxury hotels, but there are also mid-range and budget options available.

Here are some approximate price ranges for different types of hotels in Geneva:

    Luxury hotels: $300-1000+ USD per night. Geneva has many high-end luxury hotels, including the Four Seasons, Hotel President Wilson, and the Ritz-Carlton.

    Mid-range hotels: $150-300 USD per night. These hotels offer comfortable rooms and basic amenities, but may not have as many luxury features as the high-end options. Some popular mid-range hotels in Geneva include the Novotel Geneve Centre and Hotel Edelweiss.

    Budget hotels: $50-150 USD per night. While Geneva is known for being expensive, there are still some affordable options available. Some budget hotels in Geneva include Hotel Bel Esperance and Hotel Admiral.

It's worth noting that prices may be higher during peak travel season (June-August), and during major events and conferences in the city. Additionally, some hotels may charge additional fees for amenities like breakfast, parking, and Wi-Fi.
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