Hotel Prices in Kobe

The price of hotels in Kobe can vary depending on the location, season, and the type of accommodation. Here are some general price ranges to give you an idea of what to expect:
    Budget hotels and hostels: Prices for budget accommodation in Kobe typically start at around 3,000-4,000 JPY per night. These types of accommodation usually offer basic amenities and are located in more residential areas.
    Mid-range hotels: Prices for mid-range hotels in Kobe usually range from 8,000-12,000 JPY per night. These hotels offer more amenities and are located in central areas, making them a good choice for tourists.
    Luxury hotels: Prices for luxury hotels in Kobe can range from 15,000-50,000 JPY or more per night. These hotels offer top-of-the-line amenities and services, such as spas, restaurants, and high-end furnishings, and are often located in prime locations with beautiful views.
Keep in mind that prices can vary depending on the time of year and the availability of rooms. It's a good idea to book your accommodation in advance to ensure availability and to get the best price.

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