Hotel Prices in Montenegro

The hotel prices in Montenegro vary depending on the location, season, and type of accommodation. Generally, the peak season for tourism in Montenegro is from June to September, and prices tend to be higher during this time.

In popular coastal cities like Budva, Kotor, and Herceg Novi, hotel prices can range from €50 to €200 per night for mid-range accommodations, while luxury hotels and resorts can cost upwards of €300 per night. Inland cities like Podgorica and Cetinje typically have lower hotel prices, with mid-range accommodations ranging from €30 to €100 per night.

During the low season (October to May), hotel prices in Montenegro tend to be significantly lower. In coastal cities, mid-range hotels can be found for as low as €20 per night, while luxury hotels may offer discounts of up to 50% off their peak season rates.

It's worth noting that prices may also vary based on factors such as amenities, location, and availability. It's always a good idea to compare prices across multiple booking platforms and directly with hotels to find the best deals.
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