Hotel Prices in Reykjavik

The prices of hotels in Reykjavik can vary greatly depending on the time of year, the type of accommodation, and the location of the hotel. Here are some approximate price ranges for hotels in Reykjavik:

    Budget hotels and hostels - Prices for budget accommodation in Reykjavik typically start at around 50-70 USD per night for a dorm bed in a hostel, and around 100-150 USD per night for a basic hotel room.

    Mid-range hotels - Mid-range hotels in Reykjavik typically cost around 150-250 USD per night, depending on the season and location.

    Luxury hotels - Luxury hotels in Reykjavik can cost upwards of 300 USD per night, with some of the most exclusive properties costing over 1,000 USD per night.

It's worth noting that hotel prices in Reykjavik can be significantly higher during the peak travel season, which typically runs from June to August. Visitors should also be aware that many hotels in Reykjavik offer discounts during the off-season, which can make it a more affordable time to visit.
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