Hotel Prices in Vilnius

The prices of hotels in Vilnius can vary depending on the season, location, and amenities. Here is a rough price range for different types of accommodations in Vilnius:

    Budget Hostels and Guesthouses: Prices for budget hostels and guesthouses in Vilnius typically start at around 10-20 EUR per night for a dormitory bed, and around 30-40 EUR per night for a private room.

    Mid-Range Hotels: Mid-range hotels in Vilnius typically range from around 50-100 EUR per night. These hotels usually offer comfortable rooms and basic amenities such as free Wi-Fi and breakfast.

    Luxury Hotels: Luxury hotels in Vilnius typically start at around 100 EUR per night and can go up to several hundred euros per night. These hotels offer premium amenities such as spas, fitness centers, and fine dining restaurants.

It's important to note that prices can vary greatly depending on the location and season. Prices tend to be higher during the summer months, as Vilnius is a popular destination for tourists during this time. Additionally, hotels located in the Old Town or other central locations tend to be more expensive than those in outlying areas.
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