Hotel Prices in Zanzibar

Hotel prices in Zanzibar vary depending on the location, amenities, and time of year. Generally, prices are higher during peak tourist season, which runs from June to October and December to January. Here are some approximate prices for different types of accommodation in Zanzibar:

    Budget accommodation: Hostels and guesthouses can be found in Zanzibar for as low as $10-20 USD per night.

    Mid-range accommodation: Mid-range hotels and resorts in Zanzibar typically range from $50-150 USD per night.

    Luxury accommodation: Luxury hotels and resorts in Zanzibar can range from $200-1,000 USD per night, or more.

It's always a good idea to book accommodations in advance, particularly during peak tourist season when prices can be higher and availability can be limited. Many hotels and resorts in Zanzibar offer packages that include meals, activities, and transportation, which can be a good value for visitors looking to experience all that the island has to offer.

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