Villa 32 - Taipei
Number 32, Zhongshan Road,Beitou,Taipei 112,Taiwan
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Situated in Beitou, the place renown for profuse hot springs, Villa 32 doest not position itself as a hotel but rather a private ambiance. With the firm spirit of "Only the Best, and Second to None"., every aspect of Villa 32 is devoted to provide top notch and prestigious services to our distinguished guests.

Secluded amidst mountain lushes, the spacious Villa 32 embraces two thirds of natural scenes in its entire site. Leaning by Geothermal Valley, the smoke, haze and the greens constitute a picturesque natural vista.

Villa 32 is comprised of four elements under the founder Mr. Ming-Hong Chiu’s design incorporated with spring, woods, tree and stones to display a dainty combination of designs. From the blueprint, construction to the completion, we incessantly pursued the highest perfection as if crafting a work of precious art, which took four years and half to reach completion. Villa 32 does not measure the maximum capacity of each square as other hotels. Rather, it is how much each square can help our guest release their stress that we care. We always endeavor to provide an exquisite service that henceforth brings our guests unparalleled relaxing experience.

Villa 32 is located in shades of voluptuous greens and streaming waterfalls, and has kept the urban leisure and tranquility. The five accommodations are destined to provide the most delicate and dignitary services to our guests. Thus a prior reservation is necessary. The décor of each guest room is unconventional from one another—lavishly equipped with the Danish premium Bang & Olufsen stereos, Salvatore Ferragamo and Dermalogica skincare kits, Hermes cutlery, Boffi bathing facilities—all illustrates the brand concept Villa 32 pertains.

In 2006, Villa 32 was nominated as one of the most popular 17 newly rising hotels, parallel to Four Seasons Hotel in Chiang Ra, Hotel Solomar in Califonia, by Conde Nast Traveller. It was not only an affirmation but also an encouragement to Villa 32. Yet Villa 32 never stalls to hesitate but strives forward to offer more delicate servicing to customers by investing more funds and efforts in employment training to upgrade both our profession and mentality.

In 1896, the Japanese Hirada Gengo founded the island’s first hot spring hotel in Beitou, initiated the episode of Taiwanese hot spring history. Over one hundred years later, Villa 32 has revised the sensation of pleasurable lifestyle.

Villa 32 - Taipei

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5.0 · 3 reviews
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1 Person Room

1 guests
Single Bed (0 m2)

2 Person Room

2 guests
Single Bed (0 m2)

3 Person Room

3 guests
Single Bed (0 m2)

4 Person Room

4 guests
Single Bed (0 m2)


7/24 Reception
Adult Only
Breakfast in room
Car Park
Coffee-Tea Pot
Fitness Room
Room Service
Spa Center
Sunbathing Terrace
Wine Shack
Wireless Internet

Guest Reviews

Albert Fung
Albert Fung
· Great
Excellent customer service, atmosphere is very relax.Dinner they used expensive ingredients, but after 3 courses I found a little too much for the same ingredients to use it again and again. So far we have a nice stay at this hotel.
Tammy Liu
Tammy Liu
· Great
Well known for its low key luxury hot spring hotel (5 large suites only)and dining. Lunch here was very enjoyable, quiet (guests older than 16 yrs only), relaxing, comfortable, with excellent services. The set dining starting at $1,380, was flavorful, fresh tasting and visually pleasant. Steak and scallops were both excellent, cooked perfectly to allow the flavors thru. The crab, though fresh, was grilled on charcoal which unfortunately had too much bitter taste. The pork was just okay. Surprisingly, my favorite was actually the small salad that had a fantastically refreshing dressing.
Brian Quek
Brian Quek
· Great
Villa 32 is a stunning hotel in Beitou. The service and cleanliness is immaculate. Additionally, they offer private hot springs (equipped with a hot spring, shower, toilet, sinks, and resting bench), which was a great experience.

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