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Boutique Hotels in Frankfurt

Frankfurt is the business and financial center of Germany, and has one of the busiest airports in Europe. The city sits on the River Main, and has an easy-to-use public transportation system of buses and trains. Frankfurt is also home to some of the world’s largest trade shows like the Frankfurt Auto Show and the Frankfurt Book Fair, meaning there is also a lot of options for convention-style hotels, if that’s your thing.

Frankfurt is an international city that’s easy to get around: it’s walkable, but has well planned, reliable public transport, too. You’ll have no trouble getting by with little or no German, as most locals speak at least some—if not very good—English. Their honesty and directness is often mistaken for rudeness by visitors, but though Frankfurters might appear gruff or standoffish, they’re a friendly, fun-loving bunch, and after a drink or two rubbing shoulders with them in an Apfelwein tavern or one of the best bars in Frankfurt, you’ll probably agree. Frankfurt is a very tourist-friendly destination; the following tips will help you navigate the city and any cultural differences with ease, and save you the odd euro to boot.