How to go to Alexandroupoli

Alexandroupoli is a city located in the northeastern part of Greece, near the border with Turkey. Here are some of the ways to reach Alexandroupoli:

    By plane: Alexandroupoli International Airport "Dimokritos" (AXD) is located about 7 km east of the city center. Several airlines operate flights to and from Alexandroupoli, including Aegean Airlines, Olympic Air, and Ryanair.

    By train: Alexandroupoli is connected by rail to other major cities in Greece, including Athens and Thessaloniki. Trains are operated by the Greek railway company, TrainOSE, and tickets can be booked online or at the train stations.

    By bus: There are regular bus connections between Alexandroupoli and other cities in Greece, including Athens, Thessaloniki, and Kavala. Buses are operated by KTEL, the national bus company, and tickets can be purchased at the bus stations or online.

    By car: Alexandroupoli is located about 800 km north of Athens and about 300 km east of Thessaloniki. The city can be reached by car via the Egnatia Odos motorway, which runs from the western port city of Igoumenitsa to the Turkish border.

    By ferry: There are ferry connections between Alexandroupoli and the nearby Greek island of Samothrace. Ferries are operated by the shipping company SAOS Ferries and tickets can be booked online or at the port.

Overall, Alexandroupoli is well-connected to other parts of Greece and can be reached by several means of transportation.
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