How to go to Bordeaux

Bordeaux is a major city in southwestern France and is easily accessible by various means of transportation. Here are some ways to go to Bordeaux:

    By Plane: Bordeaux has its own international airport, Aeroport de Bordeaux-Merignac, located about 12 km west of the city center. From the airport, you can take a shuttle bus or a taxi to reach the city center.

    By Train: Bordeaux is connected by train to many major cities in France and Europe, including Paris, Lyon, Toulouse, and Madrid. The city has two main train stations, Gare de Bordeaux-Saint-Jean and Gare de Bordeaux-Saint-Louis.

    By Bus: There are several bus companies that operate services to Bordeaux from other cities in France and Europe, including FlixBus, Ouibus, and Eurolines.

    By Car: Bordeaux is easily accessible by car, with major highways connecting the city to other cities in France and Europe. The A10, A62, A63, and A89 highways all converge in Bordeaux.

Once you arrive in Bordeaux, you can use public transportation such as buses, trams, and bikes to get around the city. Additionally, taxis and rental cars are available. The city is also very walkable, and many of the major attractions are located within a short distance of each other.

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