How to go to Parga

Parga is a small town located on the northwestern coast of Greece, in the region of Epirus. Here are some ways to get to Parga:

    By plane: The nearest airport to Parga is Aktion National Airport (PVK), which is located approximately 60 kilometers away. From the airport, visitors can take a taxi or rent a car to reach Parga.

    By ferry: Parga is accessible by ferry from several nearby islands, including Corfu, Paxos, and Antipaxos. Visitors can take a ferry from the ports of Corfu, Gaios, or Igoumenitsa.

    By bus: Parga is well-connected to other towns and cities in Greece by bus. Visitors can take a bus from Athens or Thessaloniki to Parga.

    By car: Visitors can rent a car and drive to Parga. The town is located approximately 400 kilometers from Athens and 200 kilometers from Thessaloniki.

It's important to keep in mind any necessary travel restrictions or requirements, such as Covid-19 protocols or vaccination or testing requirements, when traveling to Parga. Additionally, visitors should research the best mode of transportation based on their itinerary and budget.

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