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Minelska Resort - Kala Nera

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Boutique Hotels in Kala Nera

The mighty and majestic Pelion Peninsula in Central Greece is one of the most unique, beautiful and charming regions to be found anywhere in Greece. Dividing the Pagasitic Gulf and the Aegean Sea, this picturesque peninsula is one where nature thrives, and beauty is found all round.Mount Pelion is home to a large selection of pretty and charming villages, which are scattered all over the region.From the famous mountainous villages such as Portaria and Tsagarada, to the small hidden hamlet of Mikro and Nies, Pelion is a region with a unique landscape and diversity.

The Pelion coastline is filled with lovely sandy beaches, and small hidden enclaves that are ideal for the popular summer season, when travellers from all over the world head here for relaxing and refreshing holidays.

During the winter months, the ski centre of Pelion, located at Agriolefkes, is in full operation, and again, people from all over the world head here for the unique and first rate ski and winter sport facilities.

Whether you are looking for a holiday filled with peace, quiet and tranquility, or one filled with fun, action and adventure, Pelion will be able to cater for everyone. This is what makes Pelion such a perfect holiday destination.

It can be whatever one wants it to be. Its is also the ideal holiday destination for either couples or family groups. There are lots of activities that young children can enjoy, as well as the lovely beaches.

Pelion is also one of the rare holiday destinations in Greece, that is perfect for holidays and travel all year round. Each season in Pelion brings with it new colours, textures and aromas, and each one makes an ideal setting for the holiday of your dreams.

The coastal village of Kala Nera, is one of the most charming and beautiful in all of Pelion. It has a wonderful sandy beach that is perfect for lazing away during the summer months. With it's friendly and hospitable atmosphere, Kala Nera is one of the best destinations in Pelion that you can head to.