Ölüdeniz Blu Luxury Hotel

Çukurbağ Yarımadası, Beyhan Cenkçi Cd. No:74, 07580 Kaş/Antalya Map
Boutique Hotels in Fethiye Oludeniz
Çukurbağ Yarımadası, Beyhan Cenkçi Cd. No:74, 07580 Kaş/Antalya Map
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Ölüdeniz has been a frequent destination for ships since ancient times, and passing ships through this region use to anchored for thousands of years for their food and beverage needs and came to the area and then took shelter in sheltered bay of Ölüdeniz during stormy days.
Carrying these hospitable and embracing genes of the region since ancient times, Ölüdeniz Blu Luxury Hotel offers its distinguished guests from all over the world nowadays.
It takes it from its modern world and carries it to ancient times with its high-level service that makes its guests feel special.

Our hotel is located on the Lycian way which is the most known and popular walking path in the world; Xanthos, the capital of the Lycian state, which was an important civilization in history, gave its name to the main restaurant of Ölüdeniz Blu Luxury Hotel. We offer organic food and drinks to our distinguished guests in our Xanthos restaurant, with his embracing and magnificent feeling from ancient times. At the same time, our guests will receive health cures with our trained therapists in the tranquil atmosphere of Araxa SPA, which is named after Araxa valley, where the sons Apollo and Artemis, the god of the gods Zeus, were washed.

Our Oludeniz Blu Luxury Hotel; It will make you feel at home with its architectural and landscape structure, private pools and personal service, which reflect the unique nature of the Ölüdeniz region. You can catch the rhythm of peace by watching the gliding of the paragliders identified with our region in addition to the view of Babadağ and partial Ölüdeniz.
We are waiting for you in your new home with our 47 deluxe rooms and 31 different luxurious suites.

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