Places to Eat in Athens

Athens is a city known for its delicious Mediterranean cuisine and its vibrant culinary scene. Here are a few popular places to eat in Athens:

    Tavernas: These traditional Greek restaurants typically serve a variety of traditional Greek dishes such as souvlaki (grilled meat skewers), moussaka (layered eggplant and meat dish), and dolmades (stuffed grape leaves). Some popular tavernas in Athens include Oineas, Ta Karamanlidika Tou Fani, and O Ταβέρνας του Γιάννη.

    Psistaria: These restaurants specialize in grilled meats, and are especially known for their souvlaki. Some popular psistaria in Athens include To Karafaki, Psistaria Tou Fani, and Psistaria - Grill House.

    Seafood restaurants: Athens is located on the coast of the Aegean Sea, so it's not surprising that the city is home to many excellent seafood restaurants. Some popular seafood restaurants in Athens include Ta Karamanlidika Tou Fani, Pergamos, and Avli Tou Thodori.

    Street food: Athens is also known for its street food. Some popular street food items include souvlaki, gyros (meat cooked on a vertical rotisserie), and loukoumades (deep-fried dough balls). Some popular street food vendors in Athens include Souvlaki GR, O Thanasis, and Ta Karamanlidika Tou Fani.

    Modern Greek cuisine : Some of the most popular restaurants for modern greek cuisine are Ta Karamanlidika Tou Fani, Oineas, and O Ταβέρνας του Γιάννη.

These are just a few examples, and Athens is full of great places to eat, it's always a good idea to ask locals for their recommendations or check online for reviews to find the perfect place for you.

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