Places to Eat in Berlin

1. Wiener Schnitzel at KaDeWe
When it comes to Wiener Schnitzel, probably every German has a strong opinion on where you can get the best one.But believe me when I tell you that the best Wiener Schnitzel in Berlin is by far the one they serve in the food court located in the sixth floor at KaDeWe.
Every time I've been there with anybody they agreed that this Wiener Schnitzel is the best of the best. The chefs prepare the food right in front of your eyes, so you can see how much love and effort they put into it. One special ingredient is the very expensive french oil they use for frying/almost deep frying the meat. Unfortunately I have not managed to get the name of the oil or the ingredients of their panade. The meat is thinly sliced (but not too thin) and the breadcrumbs (panade) will just blow your mind. The panade probably sets this Wiener Schnitzel apart from any other Wiener Schnitzel in Berlin - nay, in the world. And, as already mentioned before, they use a very special oil to cook the Wiener Schnitzel. Plus the side dishes, such as the fresh salad, are also spectacular.
Location: Tauentzienstraße 21-24 Website:
2. Mustafas Gemüsedöner
Don't let this name fool you (gemüse = vegetables), 90% of people order the Gemüsedöner with chicken in it. But what sets Mustafas Gemüsedöner apart from any other Döner in the world? What is it that makes people line up for 1 hour or more just to get a Mustafas? Why make a 30 minute commute rather than just going to the next döner place around the corner? Why do you happily suffer queueing up in the cold just to hold this beauty in your hands?
The answer to all these questions is the same: Because Mustafas Döner is the best döner in the whole wide world. But how do they manage to keep quality and the buzz that high? Well, first of all, their chicken meat is thinly sliced and spiced with a secret sauce before they stuff it in your grilled döner bread, together with a mix of deep fried potatoes, peppers and carrots. On top of this, they add some fresh cabbage, onions, sheep's cheese and a sprinkle of lemon that gives Mustafas that ultimate little touch.
And even if you are on a low budget, you will always have money for a Mustafas, as they have not used their fame to cash in (although they must make a fortune with this one Döner-Bude),  keeping their prices reasonably low.
Oh and have I mentioned the nice and happy staff that works their ass off day after day? They've even starred in an advert, showing locally at a famous cinema in Berlin before the movies.
Oh Mustafas, what I would pay for a delivery service so that there would be no need for a 30 minute commute on the Ubahn plus over an hour lining up in the cold…
Location: Mehringdamm 32
3. Any Burger from The Bird
Did you ever eat a burger so big, that you could not get your mouth around it? And no matter how hard you tried - in vain, may I add - not to make a mess, half of the cheese and salad dropped on your plate?
If not, then it is time to pay a visit to The Bird in Prenzlauer Berg. Or if you are around the Schönhauser Allee visit the first branch of The Bird BBQ they have opened in Berlin. Oh, and if you are in Mitte check out The Bird Express, which is close to Hackescher Markt.
The burgers at each of the Bird's restaurants are all made with freshly ground meat of the highest quality (the kind of meat you would buy for a barbeque for a very special occasion only), and then grilled to perfection, leaving the middle warm and pink (but not bloody, unless you ask for it) and crispy and hot on the outside. Their buns are very small and also grilled, so that everything in this burger is focused on the meat and not the bread. Burgers are accompanied by hand cut french fries (don't forget to ask for their special homemade steak sauce) and a slice of lettuce.
For the bravest of people out there, they also offer very, very spicy chicken wings called 'napalm wings',

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