Places to Eat in Iran

Iran is known for its delicious cuisine, which is rich in flavors and spices. Here are some popular places to eat in Iran:
    Traditional Iranian Restaurants - You can find traditional Iranian restaurants in most cities in Iran. These restaurants serve a variety of traditional dishes such as kebabs, stews, and rice dishes. Some popular traditional Iranian dishes include chelo kebab, fesenjan, and ghormeh sabzi.
    Street Food - Iranian street food is popular and affordable. You can find street vendors selling a variety of snacks such as falafel, samosas, and roasted corn. Also, try Iranian-style pizza known as "pizza-e Irani" or try "dizi" which is a traditional Iranian meat stew.
    Tea Houses - Tea houses are a popular gathering place in Iran. You can enjoy a cup of traditional Iranian tea and a snack while socializing with locals.
    Fast Food Chains - Iran also has fast-food chains like McDonald's, KFC, and Subway, but they also have local fast-food chains that serve Iranian-style burgers, sandwiches, and fried chicken.
    Traditional Bakeries - Iranian bakeries are known for their fresh bread and pastries. Try "sangak" bread, which is a flatbread baked on hot pebbles, and "gaz", a sweet candy made from pistachios and honey.
    Ethnic Cuisine - Due to the diverse ethnic groups living in Iran, you can also find various types of ethnic cuisine, such as Kurdish, Armenian, and Azerbaijani food.
These are just a few examples of the many places to eat in Iran. Don't hesitate to try different dishes and explore the local food scene while visiting this beautiful country.
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