Places to Eat in Kerala

Kerala is known for its unique and flavorful cuisine, which features fresh seafood, coconut, and a variety of spices. Here are some popular places to eat in Kerala:
    Grand Pavilion - Located in Kochi, Grand Pavilion is known for its traditional Kerala cuisine, including seafood dishes such as prawn curry and fish fry.
    Paragon Restaurant - This restaurant in Kozhikode is known for its biryani and seafood dishes, as well as its traditional Kerala thali (a meal served on a banana leaf).
    Curry Leaf - Located in Thiruvananthapuram, Curry Leaf offers a range of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes, including seafood, biryani, and traditional Kerala dishes such as avial and appam.
    Malabar Junction - This restaurant in Kochi offers a mix of Indian, European, and Asian cuisine, with an emphasis on fresh seafood and local ingredients.
    Fusion Bay - Located in Varkala, Fusion Bay offers a mix of Indian and continental cuisine, with a focus on fresh seafood and vegetarian options.
    The Rice Boat - This restaurant in Kumarakom offers a unique dining experience on a traditional Kerala houseboat, with a menu featuring fresh seafood and traditional Kerala dishes.
    Kashi Art Cafe - This popular cafe in Kochi offers a range of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes, as well as a rotating art exhibit featuring works by local artists.
These are just a few examples of the many dining options in Kerala. Be sure to explore local markets and street food stalls to discover even more delicious and unique dishes.
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