Places to Eat in Kruiningen

Kruiningen is a small town in the province of Zeeland in the Netherlands, and while it may not have a lot of restaurants, it offers some good options for local cuisine. Here are some places to eat in Kruiningen:

    Brasserie De Kreek: A cozy brasserie located in the heart of Kruiningen that offers a range of dishes made with fresh, seasonal ingredients. The menu includes seafood, meat, and vegetarian options, and there's a nice selection of wine and beer.

    Eeterij Spinoza: A family-run restaurant that serves traditional Dutch and Zeeland dishes, such as stamppot, mosselen (mussels), and paling (eel). The restaurant has a casual atmosphere and a friendly staff.

    Het Raedthuys: A Michelin-starred restaurant located in a historic building that dates back to the 17th century. The menu offers a creative and refined take on traditional Dutch and French cuisine, with an emphasis on local and seasonal ingredients.

    Restaurant De Goederenloods: Located in a beautifully restored train station, this restaurant serves modern European cuisine with an emphasis on local and organic ingredients. The menu includes a variety of meat and vegetarian options, as well as a good selection of wines.

    Bakkerij Weststrate: A local bakery that offers fresh bread, pastries, and sandwiches made with local ingredients. The bakery also has a small café area where you can enjoy a cup of coffee or tea with your snack.

Overall, Kruiningen offers a good selection of restaurants that showcase the flavors and traditions of Zeeland cuisine.

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