Places to Eat in Prague

Prague has a vibrant food scene, with a mix of traditional Czech cuisine and international options. Here are some places to eat in Prague:
Lokál: Lokál is a popular chain of traditional Czech pubs that serves classic dishes such as roast pork, goulash, and dumplings. They also serve a range of Czech beers and have a casual, lively atmosphere.
Eska: Eska is a modern restaurant that serves innovative takes on traditional Czech cuisine using locally-sourced ingredients. They offer a range of dishes, from small plates to larger entrees, and have a stylish, industrial-chic decor.
Sisters: Sisters is a popular cafe that serves traditional Czech pastries such as trdelník (a sweet, spiral-shaped pastry) and koláče (a type of fruit-filled pastry). They also offer sandwiches and salads for a light lunch.
Mlýnec: Mlýnec is a high-end restaurant located in a historic building on the banks of the Vltava River. They offer a tasting menu of modern Czech cuisine with a focus on seasonal ingredients and presentation.
Cafe Savoy: Cafe Savoy is a stylish cafe that serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They offer a mix of Czech and international cuisine, with a focus on high-quality ingredients and elegant presentation. They're particularly known for their brunch, which includes a range of sweet and savory options.
Vinohradský Pivovar: Vinohradský Pivovar is a brewery and restaurant that offers a range of Czech beers and traditional dishes such as roasted pork knuckle and sausages. They have a cozy, rustic atmosphere and often have live music or other events.
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