Places to See in Gubbio

Gubbio is a charming medieval town in the Umbria region of Italy, known for its historic buildings, stunning views, and rich cultural heritage. Here are some places to see in Gubbio:

    Palazzo dei Consoli: This impressive palace was built in the 14th century and now houses the town's museum. Visitors can explore the museum's collections of art, archaeology, and history, as well as enjoy stunning views of the surrounding countryside from the palace's terrace.

    Cathedral of Gubbio: This beautiful cathedral dates back to the 12th century and features a mix of Romanesque and Gothic styles. Visitors can admire the cathedral's impressive façade, as well as its interior, which houses several works of art.

    Roman Theatre: This ancient theater was built in the 1st century AD and could accommodate up to 6,000 spectators. Today, visitors can explore the ruins of the theater, which are located on a hill overlooking the town.

    Basilica of Sant'Ubaldo: This impressive basilica is located on top of Mount Ingino, overlooking the town of Gubbio. Visitors can take a funicular or hike up the mountain to reach the basilica, which houses the remains of Sant'Ubaldo, the town's patron saint.

    Ducal Palace: This elegant palace was built in the 15th century and is now home to the town's library and archives. Visitors can admire the palace's impressive architecture and explore its collections of books and documents.

These are just a few of the many places to see in Gubbio. Visitors can also explore the town's narrow streets, historic churches, and ancient walls, or enjoy the stunning views of the surrounding countryside.
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