Shopping in Bariloche

Bariloche offers a range of shopping opportunities, from traditional handicrafts to modern fashion. Visitors to Bariloche can explore local markets, shops, and malls to find unique souvenirs and gifts. Here are some shopping options in Bariloche:

    Chocolatería Rapa Nui: This local chocolate shop offers a range of artisanal chocolates and sweets, made with locally sourced ingredients. Visitors can try different flavors, such as dulce de leche and raspberry, and buy gifts to take home.

    Feria de la Costa: This local market offers a range of handicrafts, such as ceramics, textiles, and leather goods. Visitors can find unique gifts and souvenirs, such as ponchos, jewelry, and pottery.

    Patagonia Shops: This local chain offers a range of clothing and outdoor gear, such as jackets, boots, and backpacks. Visitors can find high-quality items and take advantage of the brand's commitment to sustainability and environmental protection.

    Paseo de la Catedral: This shopping mall is located near the Cerro Catedral ski resort and offers a range of stores and restaurants. Visitors can find souvenirs, winter gear, and local specialties, such as craft beer and chocolate.

    Mercado Comunitario Bariloche: This local market offers a range of locally grown produce, such as fruits, vegetables, and cheeses. Visitors can also find prepared foods, such as empanadas and sandwiches, and enjoy live music and other cultural events.

These are just a few of the many shopping options in Bariloche. When visiting, be sure to explore different neighborhoods and ask locals for recommendations to discover new and exciting shopping experiences. It's also important to be aware of any cultural customs or etiquette related to shopping, such as bargaining and payment methods.
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