Shopping in Halkidiki

Halkidiki is a beautiful region located in northern Greece, known for its stunning beaches, crystal clear waters, and beautiful scenery. While it's not known for shopping, there are a few places to find unique souvenirs and local products. Here are some shopping options in Halkidiki:

Local Markets - Many of the villages in Halkidiki have weekly markets where you can find fresh produce, handmade crafts, and traditional products like olive oil, honey, and local cheese.

Local Shops - There are many small shops and boutiques in the villages of Halkidiki that sell handmade crafts, jewelry, and other local products like woolen clothing and blankets.

Halkidiki Gourmet - This store is located in the village of Kassandra and sells a wide range of local and traditional Greek products, including olive oil, honey, herbs, and wine.

Halkidiki Gold - This store is located in the village of Kassandra and sells handmade jewelry, watches, and other accessories made from gold, silver, and precious stones.

Halkidiki Folk Art - This store is located in the village of Arnea and sells traditional Greek and Halkidiki handicrafts, including pottery, wood carvings, and textiles.

While shopping may not be the main attraction in Halkidiki, it's worth exploring the local markets and shops to find unique souvenirs and local products that showcase the region's rich culture and history.

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