Things to do in Leros Island

Leros Island, although not as well-known as some of the other Greek islands, has a lot to offer visitors. Here are some things to do in Leros:

    Explore Leros Castle: Built by the Knights of St. John in the 14th century, this castle offers beautiful views of the island and the surrounding sea.

    Visit the War Museum: Located in the town of Lakki, this museum displays artifacts from World War II, including photographs, uniforms, and weapons.

    Go beach hopping: Leros has several beautiful beaches, including Vromolithos, Alinda, and Panteli, where you can swim, sunbathe, and relax.

    Take a boat trip: Explore the island's coastline and neighboring islets by taking a boat trip from the port of Lakki.

    Visit the Agia Marina Church: This 11th-century Byzantine church is a must-see for its beautiful frescoes and impressive architecture.

    Explore the island's traditional villages: Leros has several picturesque villages, including Platanos, Panteli, and Agia Marina, where you can see traditional architecture and enjoy the island's laid-back atmosphere.

    Go diving: Leros is known for its clear waters and rich marine life, making it a great destination for diving and snorkeling.

    Hike to the Castle of Pandeli: This castle is located on top of a hill and offers stunning views of the island and the sea.

    Visit the Ecclesiastical Museum: Located in the town of Agia Marina, this museum displays religious artifacts, including icons, vestments, and manuscripts.

    Taste the local cuisine: Leros is known for its fresh seafood and traditional Greek dishes, so make sure to try some of the local specialties, such as grilled octopus, moussaka, and souvlaki.
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