Things to do in Rhodes

Rhodes is a beautiful island in Greece, known for its stunning beaches, rich history, and medieval Old Town. Here are some things to do in Rhodes:

Explore Rhodes Old Town - The Old Town of Rhodes is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the best-preserved medieval towns in Europe. Explore the narrow streets, beautiful buildings, and stunning landmarks like the Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights of Rhodes.

Relax on the Beaches - Rhodes is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in Greece, with crystal-clear waters and stunning scenery. Some of the best beaches on the island include Lindos Beach, Faliraki Beach, and Tsambika Beach.

Visit the Lindos Acropolis - The Lindos Acropolis is a historic site located on a hill overlooking the village of Lindos. The site includes the remains of several ancient temples, as well as a stunning view of the surrounding coastline.

Take a Boat Tour - There are several boat tours available in Rhodes that take you to secluded beaches, hidden coves, and stunning natural landscapes. Some tours also include snorkeling and swimming opportunities.

Explore Ancient Kamiros - The Ancient Kamiros is an archaeological site located on the northwest coast of Rhodes. The site includes the remains of an ancient city that was destroyed by an earthquake in 226 BC.

Visit the Valley of the Butterflies - The Valley of the Butterflies is a beautiful natural park located in the village of Petaloudes. It is home to thousands of butterflies that gather in the valley during the summer months.

These are just a few of the many things to do in Rhodes. With its stunning beaches, rich history, and natural beauty, Rhodes is a great place to explore and experience the best of Greece.

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