Things to do in Tallinn

Tallinn is a city full of history and culture, with many interesting things to do and see. Here are some popular activities to consider during your visit:

    Explore Tallinn Old Town - Take a stroll through the cobblestone streets and admire the historic buildings, churches, and towers of this medieval Old Town.

    Visit Museums - Learn about Estonia's history, culture, and art at museums like the Estonian National Museum, Kumu Art Museum, and the Museum of Occupations.

    Try Estonian Cuisine - Sample traditional Estonian dishes like black bread, smoked fish, and sauerkraut, as well as local craft beer and spirits.

    Attend a Festival - Tallinn hosts a variety of festivals throughout the year, including the Tallinn Music Week, Medieval Days, and Christmas Markets.

    Enjoy the Parks and Gardens - Tallinn has several beautiful parks and gardens, including Kadriorg Park, Tallinn Botanic Garden, and the Japanese Garden.

    Take a Tour - Explore the city with a guided walking tour, bike tour, or Segway tour to learn more about Tallinn's history and culture.

    Visit the Tallinn TV Tower - Enjoy stunning views of Tallinn and the surrounding area from the observation deck of this iconic tower.

    Go Shopping - Tallinn has a variety of shopping options, from traditional markets and handicraft shops to modern malls and boutiques.

These are just a few examples of the many things to do in Tallinn. Be sure to explore and discover your own favorite activities and experiences!

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