Boutique Hotels in Evia Island

Looking on a map of Greece, a lot of people do not realize that Evia (Euboea) is actually an island. It is, though, the second largest island after Crete, and has a lot to offer.

It is excellent for driving around on, since there are many villages and interesting places worth visiting. Of course, there are nice beaches as well, and depending on where you stay, you can enjoy some real peace and quiet, or a hectic nightlife. Either way you can find yourself endulged in the magic of this uncharted island. Just pick one of the cycling tours below and forget all about everyday routine.

Evia has been inhabited since pre historic times. Its most important settlement early became today’s Chalkida, since it was the closest to the mainland and had natural resources of copper, making the city a trading center of great importance. The island’s name means “rich in cattle”. Evia is mentioned by some as Greece in miniature. With 900 km of coastline, Evia has a vast variety of beaches, 5 private and 7 public ports, historic and cultural heritage, castles, nature reserves, alpine forests and gloomy mountains, it surpasses all other Greek islands in diversity.

Evia Island is connected to the mainland by two bridges. It is mostly unexploited and is free for the evolution of alternative kind of tourism. With high altitude alpine forests, bridge connection to the mainland, just an hour away from Athens, stunning beaches, and daunting scenery, it is the ideal holiday destination both for foreign and local tourism. Discover the hidden gem of central Greece.

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