How to go to Evia

Evia is the second-largest island in Greece and is located near the eastern coast of mainland Greece. Here are some ways to get to Evia:

    By car: Evia is connected to the mainland by two bridges, Chalkida and Arkitsa, which makes it easy to access by car. The bridge at Chalkida connects to the Athens-Thessaloniki National Highway, while the bridge at Arkitsa connects to the National Road Athens-Lamia.

    By bus: You can take a bus from Athens or Thessaloniki to Chalkida, and then take another bus to your destination on the island. There are also buses that run directly from Athens to the main towns on the island.

    By ferry: You can take a ferry from the port of Rafina, which is located about 20 km east of Athens, to the town of Marmari on Evia. There are also ferries that run from Agios Konstantinos on the mainland to the town of Skiathos on the island.

    By plane: The nearest airport to Evia is the Athens International Airport, which is located about 120 km away. From there, you can take a taxi or bus to Chalkida and then take a bus or taxi to your destination on the island.

    By taxi: You can also take a taxi from Athens or Thessaloniki directly to your destination on the island.
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