How to go to Greece

There are several ways to travel to Greece, including by plane, by boat, and by car. The most popular method of travel to Greece is by plane.

By plane: The main international airports in Greece are Eleftherios Venizelos International Airport in Athens, and the Makedonia International Airport in Thessaloniki. Many major airlines offer direct flights to Athens and Thessaloniki from major cities around the world. There are also flights that connect Athens with other Greek islands, while Thessaloniki airport connects with some destinations of Northern Greece, as well as other Greek islands.

By boat: Greece is an island nation, and many people travel to Greece by ferry or by boat. There are many ferry companies that operate routes between the Greek mainland and the Greek islands. These services can be a great way to see the coast and islands of Greece, but the journey can take longer than by plane.

By car: Greece can also be reached by car, although this option is not recommended due to the fact that driving in Greece can be challenging, especially in Athens, where traffic is heavy and streets can be confusing. If you plan to travel around Greece by car, it's a good idea to rent a GPS device and take a map.

By train: Greece has a relatively small railway network, with most of the trains linking Athens with Thessaloniki and the rest of Northern Greece. It is not a very common option for tourists, but can be a good option for some domestic travel.

Once you arrive in Greece, the most common way to travel around the country is by bus, as Greece has an extensive network of domestic bus routes that connect all major cities and towns. There are also ferries that connect the Greek mainland with the Greek islands. Taxis and rental cars are also available, as well as trains, although the railway network is more limited.

Overall, the best way to travel to Greece will depend on your budget, time frame and personal preferences. Keep in mind that during the peak tourist season (from June to September) the prices for flights and boats tend to be higher. Additionally, the ferry connections and flight connections to the Greek islands are more frequent during the summer.

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