How to go to Limasssol

Limassol is a coastal city located in the southern part of Cyprus. Here are some ways to get to Limassol:

    By plane: The nearest airport to Limassol is Larnaca International Airport, which is located approximately 70 kilometers away. There are regular bus services and taxis available from the airport to Limassol.

    By bus: Cyprus has a reliable bus network that connects major cities and towns, including Limassol. There are regular bus services from Nicosia, Larnaca, and Paphos to Limassol.

    By car: If you are traveling from another part of Cyprus, you can drive to Limassol. The city is located approximately 70 kilometers from Nicosia and 60 kilometers from Paphos.

    By taxi: Taxis are widely available in Cyprus, and you can hire a taxi to take you to Limassol from any major city or town.

    By private transfer: You can also arrange for a private transfer service to take you from the airport or another location to Limassol. These services are often available through hotels or tour operators.

Overall, the easiest way to get to Limassol is by flying to Larnaca International Airport and then taking a bus or taxi to the city. However, if you are already in Cyprus, you can also drive or take a bus or taxi to Limassol from another city or town.

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