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Boutique Hotels in Limasssol

On the south of the island of Cyprus and southernmost part of Europe, we find the city of Limassol, one of the main ports of the country.  It’s a tourist resort where you can appreciate the simple pleasures of Mediterranean life: There are clean sandy beaches,  the climate is eased by the Troodos Mountains to the north and you can visit friendly tavernas to indulge in a delicious meze and fabulous local wine. 

Venture into the surrounding district to discover a land laced with history, where olive oil and wine are made the traditional way, and where you can tread through medieval ruins and ancient cities.  With a strong Turkish influence, this historical site is very easy to see by walking and a must-see when traveling to Limassol in Cyprus.   Limassol Castle and Ayia Napa Cathedral are the spots not to be missed.