How to go to Salta

Salta is a city located in the northwest region of Argentina, and there are several ways to get there:

    By plane: Salta has an international airport, Aeropuerto Internacional Martín Miguel de Güemes, which is served by several domestic and international airlines. Visitors can fly directly to Salta from cities such as Buenos Aires, Cordoba, and Santiago de Chile.

    By bus: Salta is also easily accessible by bus, with several long-distance bus companies offering services to and from other cities in Argentina and neighboring countries. The bus journey from Buenos Aires, for example, takes around 20 hours.

    By car: Visitors can also drive to Salta, either in their own car or by renting a car. Salta is well connected to other cities in Argentina by major highways, and visitors can enjoy scenic drives through the surrounding mountains and valleys.

    By train: Although not as common as other transportation options, visitors can also travel to Salta by train. The Tren a las Nubes (Train to the Clouds) is a famous scenic train journey that travels from Salta to the high Andes, but it is only available on certain days and may require advance booking.

When planning your trip to Salta, be sure to research the best way to get there based on your itinerary, preferences, and budget. It's also important to check any necessary travel restrictions or requirements, such as visas or Covid-19 regulations, before traveling.
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