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Hotel Legado Mitico Salta Hotel Boutique

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Patios de Cafayate Hotel & Spa

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Boutique Hotels in Salta

The city of Salta sits quietly in the mountains waiting to charm visitors with its unique fusion of European and South American sights.  Humble Argentinian streets with tin-roof houses have somehow found harmony with towering majestic cathedrals that are more likely to be found in Seville.  The tantalizing scents of BBQ and fried empanadas dance in the air through the grid of streets and lush parks of the central city.  There are plenty of day tours outside of town – from hiking the rainbow mountains of Jujuy to the north, sampling wine in neighbouring Cafayate or riding possibly the world’s priciest train into the clouds (unverified).  But be sure to allow some time to discover the city itself.