How to go to Ulaanbaatar

Ulaanbaatar, the capital city of Mongolia, can be reached by air, rail, and road.
By Air:
Chinggis Khaan International Airport is the main international airport in Ulaanbaatar. Many airlines operate direct flights to Ulaanbaatar from various cities such as Seoul, Moscow, Beijing, Tokyo, and Istanbul.
By Rail:
The Trans-Mongolian Railway connects Ulaanbaatar with Moscow in Russia and Beijing in China. This is a popular and scenic way to travel to Ulaanbaatar.
By Road:
There are several bus services that connect Ulaanbaatar with neighboring countries such as Russia and China. However, be aware that the quality of the roads can vary and the journey can be long.
Once you arrive in Ulaanbaatar, there are also taxis and buses available to get around the city.

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