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Boutique Hotels in Luzerne

Lucerne (Luzern in German) is a city in central Switzerland known for its picturesque old town, stunning mountain views, and its location on the shores of Lake Lucerne. The city is also a great base for exploring the surrounding mountains and countryside.

Here are some of the top places to see and things to do in Lucerne:

    Chapel Bridge (Kapellbrücke) and Water Tower: This iconic covered wooden bridge over the Reuss River dates back to the 14th century and is one of the most photographed landmarks in Switzerland.

    Lake Lucerne: Take a stroll along the lakefront promenade or take a boat ride to enjoy the stunning views of the surrounding mountains.

    Old Town: Wander through the narrow, cobblestone streets of Lucerne's charming old town and admire the colorful buildings, historic fountains, and lively squares.

    Lion Monument: This touching sculpture of a dying lion was carved into a sandstone cliff in honor of the Swiss soldiers who died defending the French royal family during the French Revolution.

    Mount Pilatus: Take the cogwheel train or gondola up to the summit of Mount Pilatus for breathtaking views of the Swiss Alps.

    Swiss Transport Museum: This fascinating museum is dedicated to all modes of transportation, from classic cars and trains to airplanes and space travel.

    Glacier Garden: Learn about the history of glaciers in Switzerland and see fascinating geological formations, including a 20,000-year-old pothole, at this unique museum and garden.

    Rosengart Collection: Art lovers should not miss this impressive collection of 20th-century art, featuring works by Picasso, Klee, and other famous artists.

    Chocolate Tasting: Switzerland is famous for its chocolate, and Lucerne has plenty of opportunities to taste some of the country's best. Visit a chocolate shop or take a chocolate-making workshop to indulge your sweet tooth.

    Outdoor Activities: Lucerne's beautiful natural surroundings offer plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities, including hiking, biking, skiing, and snowboarding.

When it comes to shopping in Lucerne, you'll find everything from high-end boutiques and luxury watch shops to charming souvenir stores and traditional Swiss markets. The old town is a great place to browse for unique souvenirs and gifts, such as Swiss watches, chocolates, cheese, and cowbells. For upscale shopping, head to Bahnhofstrasse, Lucerne's main shopping street, where you'll find designer fashion, jewelry, and other luxury goods.