Places to Eat in Philippines

The Philippines has a vibrant culinary scene with a wide range of dishes influenced by its rich history and diverse culture. Here are some popular places to eat in the Philippines:

    Manam - a restaurant chain known for their Filipino comfort food and modern takes on classic dishes.
    Abé - offers traditional Filipino cuisine from different regions of the country.
    Sarsá Kitchen + Bar - serves modern Filipino dishes with a twist and offers a selection of locally inspired cocktails.
    Mesa Filipino Moderne - features classic Filipino dishes with a modern twist.
    Aristocrat Restaurant - a Filipino institution, famous for their chicken barbecue and other Filipino favorites.
    Purple Yam - offers a mix of traditional Filipino and modern dishes with a focus on sustainability and locally-sourced ingredients.
    Locavore - serves locally-sourced Filipino dishes with a modern twist.
    Zubuchon - known for their mouthwatering lechon, a Filipino-style roasted pig.
    Sentro 1771 - serves Filipino comfort food with a modern twist.
    Bistro Remedios - offers traditional Filipino cuisine in a nostalgic, old-world setting.

These are just a few of the many restaurants in the Philippines serving delicious Filipino food. There are also countless street food vendors, markets, and food halls where you can taste local specialties at affordable prices.

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