The 6 Most Beautiful Countries to Watch the Northern Lights

Named after the Goddess of Dawn Aurora, Aurora Borealis, also known as the Northern Lights, is defined as the colorful glow observed at and around the poles as a result of magnetic storms in the sun reaching the Earth. They are so mesmerizing that just looking at their photographs is enough to motivate you to set off for the North Pole in November-February. We have researched for you in which countries you can best witness this impressive atmosphere of the Northern Lights.

On the slope of Mount Liamuiga, it is possible to stay in the hotel, which is called environmentally sensitive luxury, in houses spread over the land. It is possible to relax in nature with the peaceful pace of the hotel, which stands out with its kitchen using ingredients grown on the farm and "pluck" signs attached to ripe fruits on the trees. Arctic Tree House Hotel.

Sweden is another country where you can witness the enchanting Northern Lights, especially in the northern region where there are few settlements and artificial lights are almost never seen at night. Abisko, where the sky is almost never blocked by clouds due to its clear sky and its location in a bowl surrounded by mountains, is one of the places you should prefer when you go to Sweden. ICEHOTEL, the world's first ice hotel built in 1989, is one of the unique accommodation places on the bucket list of travelers.

Since Joanna Lumley mentioned it during her documentary for the BBC, Norway has become one of the countries visited by Aurora hunters. If you want to experience wild nature as much as watching the Northern Lights in the dark sky, you can choose Senja, Sortland and Lofoten as your travel destinations. If you stay at the Kirkenes Snow Hotel in Kirkenes, near the Russian border, you can crown this unforgettable experience with a king crab dinner prepared by a professional chef.

Iceland, which has long been the center of attention of travelers with its marvelous geography, is also on the list of those who go after the Northern Lights. In addition to the diversity in the center of Reykjavik, Hotel Ranga, located on the south coast, is one of the places where you can both witness the wonders of Iceland and have a unique accommodation experience. If you do not wait for the winter months to observe the Aurora, but prefer the fall when the weather is warmer, you can enjoy a unique three-day tour under the dark skies of the ocean with cruise options.

Although it may not be the first place to visit on tourist maps, Greenland is one of the most impressive places to witness the Northern Lights due to its geographical location. The ice island, where you can experience the dramatic difference between day and night, is the closest point to the lights dancing above your head. Hotel Nordbo in Nuuk is one of the places that will make you feel at home in this challenging geography.

It may seem like a long way to go in search of the Northern Lights, but Yukon, Canada is one of the few places worth the journey. With its pristine terrain and snow-capped mountains, the region has already become a favorite destination for Aurora chasers in recent years. If you want to expand the boundaries of your trip a little further, you can also participate in interesting activities from Dawson to Whitehorse.