Top Reasons to Choose a Small Hotel For Your Next Holiday

Choosing where you will spend your next holiday is a hugely important decision, and one that deserves plenty of thorough investigation and research. According the statistics released by Google, the average holiday maker will spend an average of 55 minutes conducting thorough research before they book a hotel, and will visit an average of 17 different websites.

With so much differing advice available, it can be hard to make a decision about which hotel will be the right one for you. Much of your hotel choice is likely to be determined both by your budget, and by the kind of experience you are looking for. However here are just a few reasons why many travellers choose to visit small hotels for all of their travel needs:

Local Charm

Most large hotels tend to have an anonymous cookie cutter feel; this is because chain restaurants want to present the same style and standard across every hotel in their group, regardless of its location. However smaller independent hotels are able to really let the local charm of their destination shine through. You’ll find that most popular destinations are also home to a host of small independent hotels and inns that really reflect the living style of the local people and offer a warm and friendly local welcome. If you’re looking for local charm, and want to feel that you’re really experiencing a traditional way of life in your holiday destination then finding a small hotel that offers this kind of unique and realistic experience is a must. The intimate atmosphere that a small hotel affords is also ideal for creating a relaxing ambiance: exactly what you’re looking for if you want a relaxing break.

Attentive and Personal Service

Hoteliers who are welcoming, friendly and knowledgeable about their locale will always be attractive to small hotel guests, with many visitors reporting that the attitude and knowledge of the staff would be a significant factor in determining whether or not they would return to that hotel. Hoteliers who can recommend enjoyable local activities and attractions, advise of the closest bureau de change in order to secure and exchange their travel money, and recommend that little known restaurant that serves delicious local dishes tend to see much more return visits that those who offer the same impersonal service that you might find in a larger or chain hotel. Small hotels obviously have fewer guests, which means small hoteliers can devote more time and attention to providing their guests with an attentive and personal service sure to add an extra dimension of luxury to their holiday.

Fun For All The Family

Not all small hotels are welcoming of families with small children: but those who are will go generally above and beyond the level of service that you might expect in order to ensure that every member of your family has a wonderful holiday. Small hotels are able to provide more personal touches for guests travelling with children, such as having a box of toys in their reception area and making special care to ensure that the unique dietary needs of small children are met in their restaurants and breakfast rooms. A good family friendly small hotel will also provide a safe outdoor space in which children can play, and offer travel cots in their bedrooms and high chairs in their dining areas.

Always Someone Available to Help

Whether you are unsure about booking a hotel, or you are experiencing a problem during your stay, when you choose a small hotel you can always pick up the phone and get hold of someone in the hotel who knows it inside out: smaller teams tend to be stronger and more knowledgeable teams too. You can be sure you are actually speaking to someone at your specific hotel and not just a central reservations hotline. That means if you want to know what the public transport links to the hotel are like, or what the hotel’s environmental policies are before your stay then you can pick up the phone to ask and be sure that it will be answered by someone who wants to help. The benefits of staying in a small hotel are almost endless, and by conducting the right research you’ll soon find the right small hotel for you: you’ll never want to return to a large and impersonal hotel again!

Post written by Anne Jackson