Shopping in Ulaanbaatar

Ulaanbaatar is the largest city and capital of Mongolia. It is a bustling metropolis and a great place for shopping. Here are some of the best shopping destinations in Ulaanbaatar:
    State Department Store: Located in the city center, this is the largest and most popular department store in Ulaanbaatar. You can find a variety of items here, including clothing, electronics, souvenirs, and traditional Mongolian products.
    Narantuul Market: This is a massive outdoor market where you can find just about anything. It's a great place to buy Mongolian souvenirs, traditional clothing, and handicrafts. Be prepared to haggle with the vendors!
    Cashmere shops: Mongolia is known for its high-quality cashmere, and there are many shops in Ulaanbaatar that sell it. Look for shops that sell locally made products, as they are often of the best quality.
    State Department Store 2: This is a newer, more modern version of the original State Department Store. It has a wider selection of items and is a great place to shop for clothing, electronics, and other items.
    Gobi Cashmere Factory Store: If you're looking for high-quality cashmere products, this is the place to go. The store sells a variety of cashmere products, including scarves, sweaters, and blankets.
    Nomin Department Store: This is another popular department store in Ulaanbaatar. It has a wide selection of items, including clothing, electronics, and souvenirs.
    Ulaanbaatar Department Store: This is a large, modern department store that sells a variety of items, including clothing, electronics, and souvenirs. It's a good place to shop if you're looking for Western-style products.

    Orgil Supermarket: This is a large supermarket that sells a variety of food items, including fresh produce, meat, and dairy products. It's a good place to shop if you're staying in Ulaanbaatar for an extended period of time and need to buy groceries.

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